Toronto Startuppers: Get Your Ping Pong On At Startupong

Anyone involved in the Toronto startup scene would probably tell you how awesome it is to be a part of.

Not only is it growing incredibly fast and putting Toronto on the map as a tech leader — you only have to look as far as Shopify and Wattpad to know we’re kicking serious butt — but we’re a close community that’s supportive of each other and determined to see fellow startuppers succeed.

We also like to play just as hard as we work.

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Today's Internet Slowdown Day Gets Canadian Support

Canadian digital rights group has joined Netflix, reddit, Vimeo, and a huge international coalition to support Internet Slowdown Day today.

Dozens of major sites have agreed to show their users a perpetual ‘loading’ icon, to symbolize how the loss of net neutrality rules could slow many favourite websites to a crawl.

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Mood-Based Music Discovery Strings.FM Wants to Bring Back the Mixtape

Andrew Konoff says he used spend a lot of time making - and sharing - physical mixtapes and CDs. He says it was a way to tell his friends what he was feeling through music.

“This is a way I’ve always connected with people,” he says. But, with the move away from physical storage and the growing popularity of streaming music services, he noticed that “something had changes about how people communicate by music.”

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Moms Push for Greater Privacy Control on Facebook

With 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users, you wouldn’t think that a few privacy-conscious moms would have any impact on the social media giant.

But with one in three bloggers being a mom, according to Neilson, and the uproar over the latest Facebook Messenger app emerging from some of those very blogs, Facebook is feeling the push for greater privacy control from a key demographic.

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