TELUS and Mojio to Deliver 'Connected Car' Technology to Canadians

By 2022, there will be 1.8 billion automotive connections globally, which will consist of 700 million connected cars and 1.1 billion aftermarket devices. This market will be worth $422 billion globally, up from $22 billion today.

As auto manufacturers race to embed connected car technology into new cars in the coming years, Canadians will have the opportunity to connect their cars to the Internet much sooner thanks to Mojio and TELUS.

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Recycle Unwanted Electronic Equipment – Free of Charge

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As businesses, what do you do with your unwanted or obsolete electronic equipment?

In this era of rapidly advancing technologies, we are constantly upgrading our electronics. Whether it’s a work computer, peripherals, or audio/visual equipment, the average shelf life of technologies at a workplace is approximately 2 years.

In every business, there is likely a storage room somewhere full of unwanted hardware.

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Sir Richard Branson Throws Support Behind Shopify's Build a Business Competition

Shopify announced this morning its fifth annual Build-A-Business competition, the world’s biggest entrepreneurial contest encouraging anyone with a great business idea to start selling.

To participate entrepreneurs must open a store and start selling products using Shopify.

Last year alone the competition created 21,000 businesses that sold more than $120 million worth of products in just eight months of existence.

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Lack of Encouragement a Barrier to Girls Pursuing a Career in Science and Math

Recent research findings from MasterCard found that out of the Canadians that considered a career in technology, only 18 per cent were women.

And for those that didn’t choose this career path, one third of women (29%) stated that it was because they didn’t think they had the skillset to get into it or weren’t encouraged (11%) to develop skills in science and math.

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