Tech Fest Recruiting Event Returns to West Coast

Last year Techvibes hosted a recruiting event called Tech Fest that brought together the hottest tech companies in Vancouver.

The one-of-a-kind event had a lineup of execs from some of fastest growing companies in Vancouver pitching the audience on why you should work for them.

After a stop in Toronto, Techvibes is bringing this event back to Vancouver on September 18 and you're invited to attend.

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Conscious Capital

Getting market share is actually one of the easiest things to do in business. It may not seem that way.

In fact, when you’re in the process of doing it, it can seem like an unending treadmill of tediousness and frustration. You have a great product which is cheaper and has five better features that the nearest competitor, yet you just can’t seem to get adoption. Is it the company, the product, or the corporate mentality?

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The Future of Work: Virtual Reality versus Workforce Disruption

The second round of GoToMeeting Canada’s week-long national #FutureofWork discussion happened over Twitter yesterday.

Two big trends — virtual reality and workforce disruption — went head-to-head as entrepreneurs and startups voiced their opinion on which will have the biggest impact on the future of work.

Topics included the promising business applications of virtual reality, opportunities automation and AI may bring to SMBs and the rise of technological unemployment.

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Did you Buy a TV or Computer with a LCD Screen Between 1998 to 2006?

Law firms Siskinds and Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman announced this week court approval of a protocol for the distribution of settlement funds in the Canadian LCD price-fixing class action. 

The class action alleges price-fixing in the market for liquid crystal display (LCD) panels used in televisions, computer monitors and laptop computers and settlements totaling $37.6 million have been reached with five defendant groups.

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