Bryght Lessons from a Small Business

Bryght LogoLocal Web Services company Bryght is highlighted in this month’s BC Business Magazine in a insightful piece titled Small Business, Big Lessons. President Kris Krug teaches readers a few key lessons that have helped this local startup become recognized as a world leader in the Drupal-based online community building space.

Be the Expert – Bryght hasn’t spent a dime on traditional advertising, says Kris Krug, president of the web-services company. “We don’t put ourselves in the phone book as far as I know,” he says, “unless we’re there by mistake.” And yet, Bryght, with nine employees, is set up in a Gastown penthouse, pulls in – roughly $1 million in revenue and counts Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. as one of its top clients.

Raise your profile – Bryght’s services are in hot demand because the team is widely seen as experts in the Drupal-based online-community circuit, Krug says: “We’ve emerged as leaders in this space because we’ve contributed to it… Every single person at our company speaks at and attends conferences on a regular basis.”

Don’t Make Bad Hires – With every employee at Bryght expected to achieve some form of expert status, finding the right recruits has been a tough task, Krug says: “We have more things booked than people to do the work.” And it’s not surprising, considering he wants employees who can think like “geeks,” can design like artists and have the social skills to work with clients.

Be picky with your projects – When you can’t do every project that comes your way, you have to pick them strategically, Krug says. Bryght has set up some priorities for choosing projects worthy of its employees’ time: the projects have to generate recurring revenue, be lucrative or contribute something new and important to the Drupal community.

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