Mixtapes meet Web 2.0 at Facebook Developer Garage

Donat Group is trying to push the idea of the mix tape into the 21st century by adding social network components into a playlist. The company demoed Mix at the Facebook Developer Garage on October 23 at the Vancouver Film School, and were peppered with questions from the audience. Every new mix starts with the statement “I want music that…” with the user filling in the rest of the request and sending it out to friends. Users can also upload their own mp3s, as well as accepting or rejecting their friends mp3 additions to their playlist. Users can click on the songs and listen to them over Facebook. The app is a developer-only release, and representatives of Donat said they think they’re in a legal gray area in regards to copyright, with access to the music restricted to when a user is logged into Facebook and hosted on the company’s own server. But the audience had questions about possible problems with copyright, and local tech blogger and CBC blogger and podcaster Tod Maffin suggested that the group “get a lawyer.” Donat also said while they don’t think the app is scalable at present, work is being done to both allow the app to scale and also address copyright issues.

photo by kk+ 

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