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Patrick Payne explains mobile marketing at SOHO conference

 The rapidly growing Canadian mobile space is quickly becoming another marketing venue, and Patrick Payne, CEO of Quickmobile was on hand at the SOHO conference this Tuesday to explain the current and emerging opportunities for savvy businesseses looking to get their message on your cell phone.

While most people regard Europe and especially Asia as the cutting edge of cell phone integration into daily life, and while Payne admitted Canada is a “laggard” in adoption of mobile trends, he pointed out that Canadians are heavy broadband users and expect high quality applications such as rich media content and fast networks for our phones. He also said data use rates in Canada has jumped 50 percent per quarter, and that over 30 million texts are sent per day in Canada. But only ten percent of phone users receive email on their devices, he said, so there’s certainly room for growth.

The challenge for mobile marketing, according to Payne, in establishing value added services such as alerts, “front of the line” services, and upselling, is to ensure those features enhance customer loyalty and while improving the consumer experience. Mobile does have a distinct advantage over the Internet in that mobile networks are spam-proof, since users have to opt-in to being messaged from unknown sources.

Payne’s own company, Quickmobile, is the driving force behind Textbus, a Vancouver-based messaging service that sends city-wide bus schedule to mobile phones.