Kitchener-Waterloo Start-up Index – June 2008

The index ranks Kitchener-Waterloo area tech start-ups based on an average of Alexa and Compete traffic rankings. Criteria and other details are available on the Start-up Index page. If you have any suggestions for companies to add to the index, please post them in the comments for this post.

Rank+/-NameAlexa Compete Average 
1  ProductWiki32,236up26,534up29,385up
2  AideRSS86,519up49,403up67,961up
3  Moxy Media339,920up15,998up177,959up
4  Well.ca350,389up184,455up267,422up
8up1Jack of All Links499,629up 499,629up
9N SparkMatrix1,245,392  1,245,392 
10N LoyaltyMatch1,288,266  1,288,266 
11up2LiveHive2,122,673up 2,122,673up
12N FOSS Factory2,427,199  2,427,199 
13N Miovision2,983,441  2,983,441 
14N Aeryon Labs3,356,657  3,356,657 
15up5Suited Media3,406,312up 3,406,312up
16up5Covarity3,687,628up 3,687,628up
17N MedShare5,040,207  5,040,207 

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