Social Games Platform J2Play Wins Facebook’s Favor, Money

The second annual Facebook Developers Conference happened this week. There were a number of interesting developments (read about Facebook Connect, if you haven’t already), though none as game-changing as last year’s announcement of Facebook Platform. Instead, we saw a more mature Facebook, working to tame their mostly-controllable beast and further attract developers. Among the announcements were winners of fbFund, a fund set up by Facebook to encourage application development. Waterloo start-up J2Play came out big, recieving $250,000 from the fund. J2Play offers a wrapper for social games, allowing games to work across sites (Facebook, OpenSocial), and even beyond the PC to mobile devices. The wrapper encorporates features such as friends lists, leaderboards, chat, profiles, and an ad network, and the games themselves can be written for Java, Flash, or HTML. In their demo video, they demonstrate gameplay between a user on Facebook and a user on Hi5…

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