- 8 years ago


Ever wanted to see the future without having to worry about Morlocks eating you? Me, too.

And now you can! Well, sort of. ZiiTrend is a Vancouver-based “social prediction community” that employs the popular social media tactic of crowdsourcing with humanity’s limitless capacity to keep predicting events and trends… no matter how many times we’ve gotten it wrong in the past.

Does ZiiTrend actually work? Let’s see. Some of the ZiiTrend community’s stock predictions seem right on the money, or just about, hovering around 95 per cent accuracy (Note: Not all ZiiTrend financial prediction are so accurate. But if you followed the page for a bit… Worth looking into.)

Then there’s the league sports predictions. Hmmm. More money-making opportunities. Time to call a bookie.

Other predictions… One per cent of Zii-sters think we will find a new civilization on Mars in 2008. Actually, if chances were really that high, I expect we’d be devoting about ten times the resources to our space program. But you never know.

Will Apple support unlocked cell phones in 2008? That’s a big negative. Yeah, pretty much.

And in international news, the Iranian nuclear issue solved by diplomacy? A majority of ziibos say “yes”. That’s pretty optimistic, given the word on the street. But you never know.

And possibly the most important prediction for the future on the ZiiTrend site: Will ZiiTrend survive beyond 2009? Click to see the future of ZiiTrend…