Just as Vancouver real estate prices are adjusting, if you want to sell shares in your emerging company, you have to be realistic. With public markets down 15% to 25%, investors and entrepreneurs face a real challenge in reaching agreement on the value of an emerging technology company.

As the founder and Managing Director of the Angel Forum-Vancouver, I see 150 to 200 company profiles and presentations per year. A real deal stopper is where the valuation is way out of line – say $5 to $10 million for a pre-revenue company with no barrier to competition. All angel investors want to avoid a subsequent financing at a pre-money valuation lower than they invested at. They don’t want to see their 20% shareholding being diluted or “crammed down” to a 1% shareholding when new money is invested.

In the past, successful angel investors have said that $2 to $3 million was the maximum pre-money valuation that they would consider for start-ups. Values above this are for either quite advanced companies that are VC firm-ready or quite unrealistic. I would suggest that the average pre-revenue company will only attract investors today if its valuation is below $2 million. Keep this in mind if you are applying for the 24th Angel Forum on November 17th (application deadline is October 30th).

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