- 8 years ago


Vancouver’s Live Current Media announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Palo Alto-based Arbor Advisors, LLC to sell six of its non-core but highly valuable dot-com domain names from the company’s portfolio. Live Current expects to market the domain names for an aggregate amount of $6-10 million and anticipates negotiating transactions for the sale of some or all of the six domain names within 90 days.

Domain Name Wire is reporting that geo-related domains are specifically on the block including Brazil.com, Vietnam.com, Indonesia.com, Malaysia.com, and GreatBritain.com. Considering today’s difficult fundraising market, selling off non-core domain names may be a smart non-dilutive form of financing to fund growth.

Disclosure: Geoff Hampson and Boris Wertz are both Directors of Techvibes Media Inc. and Live Current Media Inc.