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Mobify.Me launches at Interaction’09 and mobifies Techvibes

Over the weekend, Mobify.Me – a hosted mobile transcoding service – launched its Open Beta at the IxDA’s Interaction’09 conference in Vancouver. 

Mobify.Me promises to provide a quick way to optimize existing websites for mobile access without installing any new frameworks or writing code. Anybody with a basic knowledge of CSS can “mobify” a site in order to improve its accessibility on mobile. In a nutshell, you can choose which elements of your site are important to a mobile visitor and optimize those while minimizing elements that are bandwidth hogs or less relevant.

Mobify.Me is a product of Vancouver-based Handi Mobility. They’ve used some of the technology that has been tried and tested in past mobile projects they’ve executed for clients – an iPhone App & mobile site for TransLink and a mobile feedback feature for Global TV.

The Mobify.Me service is following the “freemium” model – a free basic service and a paid upgraded service with premium features for higher traffic sites.

Techvibes is excited to be a Mobify.Me launch partner – be sure to check out our mobified site at