MoboVivo partners with GlassBOX TV to take Wade Belak mobile

Calgary’s MoboVivo announced today that it has released several new television shows for web and mobile in partnership with Toronto-based producer, GlassBOX/Bite TV. GlassBOX’s Emmy-award winning Bite TV is four-years-old and produces high quality shows specifically for the web and mobile making MoboVivo is a great distribution tool to reach viewers regardless of the type of device they use to watch.

Consumers can select from a wide range of GlassBOX TV shows at including The Wade Belak Show – a reality TV series that follows the former Toronto Maple Leaf tough guy as he makes the transition to becoming a Florida Panther.

According to MoboVivo CEO Trevor Doerksen, the newly announced Canadian Media Fund (CMF) has made it clear that producers and broadcasters need a real plan to distribute content online and MoboVivo helps partners like GlassBOX TV meet CMF’s requirements while giving consumers new ways to watch TV.

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