Top 10 Blog Posts of April 2009

For those of you out there that love stats and monitoring trends, here are the Top 10 blog posts published on Techvibes during April 2009 (based on page impressions):

  1. PEER 1 Canada Startup Index 2009
  2. Our VC Industry is Bad – Rob Lewis
  3. PEER 1 Vancovuer Startup Index 2009
  4. He’s Just Not That Into Wholesome Online Dating – Victoria Revay
  5. Massive Observations – Jonathan Narvey
  6. Web 2.0 Startup Lessons – Varun Mathur
  7. Vancouver’s Top Twitterers close in on John Chow – Warren Frey
  8. Canadian Online Marriage Name Change Service Launches – Victoria Revay
  9. Velocity Exhibition Today – Henry Finn
  10. Intuit – “The World’s Most Admired Software Company” makes mistakes too – Doug Lacombe

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