Mingleverse Canadian Launch

There’s an interesting Canadian tech product launch this week.

Vancouver-based Mingleverse is launching in Canada this coming Thursday. Their product is very interesting to use; a combination of GoToMeeting, Skype, YouTube and video conferencing with social networking features that is Internet based.

They tested the system earlier today. Even a well-scripted test session provides surprises – in this case more positive than negative as it went really well. For anyone testing a new product it had a number of lessons learned including:

  1. It was much easier to recognize people and have individual conversations in a setting with 25 people than anticipated.
  2. Mingleverse’s audio quality, system tools and features increased participation.
  3. A Headset is better than speakers and a microphone for overcoming background noise.

The test was well orchestrated and an important technical milestone. We’ll see how things go on Thursday when they launch across Canada.

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