- 6 years ago


The folks at Vancouver’s HootSuite are celebrating the New Year by rolling out some updates this morning including support for WordPress blogs. So if you’re a HootSuite user, log in and check out these updates:

Chop your WordPress blogging time in half – We’ve added support for WordPress blogs. Schedule and post updates to multiple WordPress accounts, follow blogs in a home feed, and reblog the posts of your choice!

Trending Topics Demystified – Ever wondered, “Why is that topic trending?!” HootSuite now offers explanations. From now on, you can demystify the trending topics with the simple click of a button.

Link & Media Previews – HootSuite users can now preview URLs before opening them. Preview links including most popular shortened URLs, image-sharing sites like twitpic and ow.ly, YouTube videos, and more.

Apps and Plugin Directory – Take HootSuite to the next level with value-packed applications and plug-ins. Options for iPhone, Firefox, Chrome, Prism, Fluid and more.