Top 10 Blog Posts of January 2010

For those of you out there that love stats and monitoring trends, here are the Top 10 blog posts published on Techvibes during the month of January based on pageviews.

  1. Just The Bill turns receipt photos into expenses
  2. Apple Tablet – Coming in 2010
  3. Google Wants To Do Even Earlier Exits
  4. Digital Media People to Watch in Ontario in 2010
  5. Vancouver VC wants an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for 2010
  6. Biggest Video Game Developers in BC
  7. Digital Media People to Watch in Alberta in 2010
  8. DigiBC announces launch of VX 2010 Showcase and Directory
  9. Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2010
  10. Win Tickets to see Seth Godin at the Art of Marketing

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