HomeZilla providing Invis with real estate related geo data

Invis recently renewed their annual contract with HomeZilla to provide them with real estate related geo-data.  hz

Invis, Canada’s largest mortgage broker, is a leader in using technology to help their brokers. The geo-data is used to help produce an Invis Feature Sheet that outlines all the information a home buyer would need about a house.

Included in this feature sheet is information related to the house but also features neighbourhood information which is powered by HomeZilla.

The first year of this joint-partnership was so successful that Invis also purchased nationwide advertising for their brokers from HomeZilla. This took the form of a sponsored finder that only showed Invis agents. in

The big benefit to Invis and their agents using the geodata and advertising is that when home buyers with a Feature Sheet come to HomeZilla they can quickly find their mortgage broker for a 360 degree relationship!

HomeZilla’s next big feature will be a Predictive Real Estate Lead Generation engine. HomeZilla will analyze how thousands of home buyers research areas around the Invis addresses.  This will allow HomeZilla to better tailor the geo-data to address what are the most important data and information to the homebuyer.

For more information please visit HomeZilla or Invis.

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