Who to watch at GROW 2010: Lane Becker

Who to watch at GROW 2010: Lane Becker

Lane Becker is co-founder of Get Satisfaction, which is a customer-centric, community-based platform dedicated to fostering new methods for effective, open communication and collaboration between companies and their customers or clients.

He was also president before just recently stepping down, according to a confirmed article by TechCrunch. Lane, who also co-founded Adaptive Path, a multi-national user experience strategy, research, and design firm, said the step-down was “all good and positive” and notes that the reason for the move is that the company is “doing well enough that i can afford to take a break,” according to TechCrunch. From his conference bio:

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba! Moved to Texas. Ended up in California after a brief stint in Manhattan. Still make it back often to visit my extended family, but only in the summer months.

Lane seems like a good fellow and will be a speaker during Day 1 (Engage), and a Presenter for a half-hour stint titled “Well, that didn’t work: Lessons learned, 4 startups in,” on Day 2 of the conference.


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