- 6 years ago


Today, Toronto-based start-up Sprouter.com launched a few new features on their entrepreneur-focused website. 

The most compelling addition seems to be the new Sprouter Answers feature, Ask.Sprouter.com

According to the press release, “As an entrepreneur when you have a question about running your business it can be difficult to know where to get knowledgeable answers, and our new Answers site allows entrepreneurs to tap into expert knowledge and get real-time answers to those burning questions.”


Another interesting feature of this new addition is the ability to use Sprouter without being a member:

Since we want to make the site accessible to all entrepreneurs you don’t need to be a Sprouter member to ask a question – simply enter your e-mail address and we’ll notify you when your question has been answered. Existing members can click on the “Answers” tab on their homepage to visit the new Q&A site, and non-members can simply visit Ask.Sprouter.com.

Sprouter Answers features, among others, entrepreneur Dan Martell, founder of Flowtown.com and Ryan Holmes, founder of Hootsuite.com. For a full list of experts visit Ask.Sprouter.com/Experts.