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Apple fans not pleased with iTunes icon makeover

For the new iTunes 10, Apple unveiled a new icon for the program. Wired News reported that a designer emailed Steve Jobs, saying that the new logo “sucks” and wastes a decade of “instant product recognition.” Steve’s response: “We disagree.” 

My opinion, and thousands of others? It does suck, Steve. It’s bland, generic, and doesn’t look Apple-y at all. There’s a superior version made by designer Chris Carlozzi floating around the web, but unfortunately Apple seldom goes back on its changes and we’re likely stuck with this crap for years. Apple fail, to be certain.

Google’s bouncy-ball logo makes for fun distraction

The search engine titan loves to have fun with its wordmark. Most recently, it used a cursor-sensitive motion effect that was both fun and frustrating to interact with. Basically, the Google logo is made of little coloured balls, which float and bounce away from your cursor like it carries the West Nile virus. Here is an emulated version for those who missed it.