Top 10 Blog Posts for October 2010

We had our best traffic month to date in October thanks to some great guest contirbutions from Kole McRae, Bocar Dia, and Erin Bury.

Here are the most popular posts written in August, September, and October based on pageviews in October 2010:

  1. A Hacker’s Story: Let me tell you just how easily I can steal your personal data
  2. Android is Google’s Agent Smith
  3. Fred Wilson’s Ten Golden Principles for Successful Web Apps
  4. The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Internet Startups
  5. Windows 7 phones coming to Canada
  6. Twitter topples MySpace as third-most popular social networking site. (What took so long?)
  7. Google says it will launch TV service in U.S. this year, Canada next year
  8. Mark Zuckerberg says The Social Network is an inaccurate portrayal, but the Winklevoss twins disagree
  9. Gang rape at rave in Vancouver areas brings out the dark side of social media and internet chatter
  10. Google is NOT a one-trick pony

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