Vanedge Capital invests in Sava Transmedia, a Montreal startup founded by an industry pioneer

One of Quebec’s video game industry pioneers, Alain Tascan, is forging a new studio specialized in developing social games playable on any device with a screen.

Alain is the co-founder of Ubisoft’s and Electronic Art’s Montreal operations and will title this new venture Sava Transmedia. It will be devoted to developing games for fast-growing platforms, expects to produce its first game within 18 months, and aims to employ 200 people by 2016.

“The revolution going on [in gaming] is a sociological one,” Alain told a news conference in Montreal. “Different people are playing. It’s not just a little trend. It’s a huge wave coming up. We want to convert a whole new generation of players.”

“We’re excited by this,” said V. Paul Lee, managing partner of Vanedge Capital, an $134-million venture capital fund that makes digital media investments. “There is this dramatic shift from mobile devices to connected mobile devices – like smart phones and tablets. I think we’re at the very beginning of that growth.” Vanedge capital has invested an undisclosed sum in Sava Transmedia.


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