Vancouver’s Kidzworld looks to the (Amazon) cloud to keep up with demand

Vancouver-based Kidzworld, a monitored safe social media network for kids, has transitioned to the Amazon Cloud due to rising popularity that pushed the company’s original server to the brink.

The family-run company considers the change an “exciting step in its evolution as a safe place for kids to engage with peers worldwide.” 

“We made the move for a number of reasons,” said Kidzworld founder and pesident Allen Achilles. “By locating our servers in the Eastern U.S. with international redundancies we are able to offer a much faster experience to our users. Server capacity can also be expanded virtually instantly with nominal costs. As a father, I understand the concerns parents have for their children when online. Making kids understand how unsafe it is to share personal information is an ongoing challenge, but the reality is, kids spend a lot of time on the web. We have created a safe social network where kids can chat, talk about issues of being kids, read about their favourite celebrities, get homework help and really, grow and be kids.”

“As a website, we felt like a land-locked country,” said website developer Clarke Brundson. “We had lots of plans for expansion, but were trapped by the taxed limits of our hardware and sever setup.  Amazon’s services were a lifesaver; S3, EC2, RDS, SES and Route 53 now provide the backbone of our functionality. We can dynamically spin up instances of any size on the fly to handle our diverse set of services and workloads.”

Kidzworld was founded in 2001 and is targeted at kids aged 9 to 14. It has over two million registered users.

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