RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook was designed to own the enterprise space but the iPad dominates that too

RIM has always been best known for its succes in the enterprise space, and Apple in the consumer space.

So when the Waterloo tech giant unveiled its BlackBerry PlayBook last year and dubbed it the world’s first enterprise-class tablet, one had to trust them in that—if companies were apt to adopt tablets like they did smartphones, it would probably be the PlayBook.

Unfortunately for RIM, this hasn’t panned out.

No other tablet has really even tried to stake its claim in the enterprise space, but still the PlayBook has failed to catch on.

A study by Good Technology revealed that tablets are currently making up one quarter of mobile device activations in businesses, with 95 percent of those tablet activations being—you guessed it—iPads.

Indeed, Apple’s hip and trendy, consumer-friendly iPad is throoughly trouncing not only the business-savvy PlayBook but also all Android competitors, too.

The question is, why?

I can think of a few reasons. First, the iPad is simple to use as far as a new device goes. Tablets and touchscreens are still relatively new things to most folk, so any device that’s intuitive means an easier time transitioning it into a company. Less complaints for the IT department to deal with, too.

The second is status. No doubt the iPad oozes the cool factor, just like BlackBerrys did fiv years ago. An employee who gets an iPad boosts his or her morale and also makes the company look awesome. And since the iPad isn’t any more expensive than most competing tablets, it’s free status for everyone involved. Yay!

A third reason is the new philosophy of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. And when this option is exercised, we all know most tablet buyers have iPads.

95 is a high number, to be certain, but it really shouldn’t surprise anyone (except for maybe RIM). Fact is, the line between consumer and enterprise devices has blurred, and really now rests in the apps. And that’s where the iPad outshines the PlayBook once again.

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