HootSuite named to Top 10 International Startups list by SecondMarket

SecondMarket is an SEC-regulated alternative trading system that has brought significant market structure to privately owned tech companies. SecondMarket has streamlined the historically inefficient process for buying and selling alternative investments by connecting buyers directly.

To date SecondMarket has brought together more than 50,000 individuals and institutions and completed billions of dollars in transactions.

SecondMarket hits the mainstream media often thanks to the booming pre-IPO valuations of Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon.

But for many SecondMarket’s real value is in identifying the next wave of private tech companies that should be on the radar of tech analysts and investors worldwide.

According to a new report released yesterday by SecondMarket, the market for private company stock saw $112 million in transactions last quarter and on an annual basis, it was up 120 percent over the second quarter of 2010, which saw $51 million in transactions. And the $268 million worth of transactions in the first half of 2011, was up 75 percent from the first half of 2010 .

The top 10 most watched stocks (SecondMarket members can add any stock to their “watch list”) remained stable, with Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and Zynga in the top four slots. Foursquare moved up to No. 5, followed by Skype, Yelp, Dropbox (new), Gilte Groupe, and LivingSocial (new). LinkedIn and Pandora fell off the list as a result of their successful IPOs.

SecondMarket’s report also included the most watched international companies and one Canadian company made the list. Vancouver’s HootSuite joined Skype, Spotify, Rovio, Soundcloud, and the Alibaba Group on the watchlist. Congrats to HootSuite on being included with some big International players.

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