Ka-pow! Flex your social media muscle and Klout opponents arcade-style in TweetFighter II

Klout has become the standard for quantifying social media influence.While some disagree with its accuracy, or the concept of quantifying online social fame period, its hard to argue that Klout hasn’t been put to its best use ever: as a power-up in an epic throwback to the old arcade Street Fighter games.

TweetFighter II: The Social Warrior is a simple but awesome game in which you select two Twitter users and pit them in a Street Fight. The mechanics are very basic: you type in keywords and see who commands more expertise in that topic. Damage is then amplified by Klout scores.

I’ve got a Klout score of 61 (edit: it’s apparently 62 now) and fared pretty well when blasting enemies with my signature #Techvibes punch, but I have some advice for rook shows: never type “never” against Toronto pop sensation Justin Bieber. His perfect-100 Klout Score, combined with a popular song and movie both called “Never Say Never,” one-hit KO’d me. In fact, it even one-hit KO’d Oprah (whose lack of frequent tweeting places her Klout at a surprisingly low 80).

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