TorStar Digital and WagJag pour it on, could easily top Groupon in Mobile

While this great article covers the scope of the Canadian Daily Deal industry, TorStar Digital’s Candice Faktor had many interesting things to say at the recent CrossmediaTO event last week that shed further light on why WagJag has been so successful.

The success of TorStar Digital’s WagJag and Quebec-based Tuango might largely be because they own Olive Media.

Here’s what it says on the site:

Olive Media’s products give advertisers access to an exclusive portfolio of over 81 top-tier publishers through Olive Elite as well as the robust direct response network over 2000 sites, Olive Brand Response.  Olive Media also includes Olive Mobile, a suite of mobile advertising opportunities for Canadian advertisers, and Pimento, Olive Media’s proprietary online video solution.

That’s a wide range of North American sites for advertisers to have access to – including CNET, Readers Digest, The New York Times and CBS.

Faktor said that’s a reach of 17.4 million people a month- and showed that according to comScore in February 2011, WagJag had 1.1 million unique visitors to GroupOn’s 900,000 in Canada. Updated stats by Techvibes show Groupon ahead in terms of total sales. What I can gather is that Groupon is ranked 90th according to Alexa in traffic over the last three months versus WagJag which is ranked 317th in Canada. You could say that WagJag seems to be better at converting their traffic into sales.

Sure, speculation abounds about what’s happening digitally as research numbers are often delayed, but you could see WagJag winning this fight in mobile.

That’s because TorStar Digital owns Metroland Media, a collection of local papers across Canada. Metroland recently announced that they had partnered with Polar Mobile to build 500 apps, the largest mobile deal in Canadian history, the article says.

She also announced WagJag Express, which will allow consumers to buy group deals at any time of the day, and when they want off their mobile devices. It’s not even time sensitive.  

Additionally, TorStar Digital recently released the mobile app ShopCatch, which is currently only serving the Toronto market, but you can catch top-in-store deals offered by major retailers at your favourite shopping malls. You can download the app here.

The company’s other properties include a foray into the online travel market with Jaunt that features unique getaways within reach and TravelAlerts, which showcases ridiculous travel opportunities at low prices from your home market.

If there is a poster child in Toronto, if not all of Canada, for how a major traditional media corporation can reinvent itself in a number of innovative different ways as traditional media continues to decline in wake of the smartphone and tablet revolutions, TorStar Digital seems to be just that.

Perhaps a stroke of luck too, as Faktor admitted the media corporation wasn’t really sure five years ago when it all began.

It’s however increasingly clear that profitability can be attained in digital and mobile. 

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