Vancouver’s Disruptive Publishers helps Harry Potter dominate in more than box offices and bookstores

Every Harry Potter book and film has been a smashing success. The most recent (and final) Potter film broke multiple box office records in its global debut. But Harry and his friends have been unexpectantly dominant online, too—in the form of avatrs.

Avatars, which are graphical representations of a user’s alter ego or character, have grown in popularity in recent times. Akin to purchasing virtual goods to boost one’s in-game experience, avatars help users express themselves in an often anonymous online environment.

The Harry Potter Avatar Collection for Xbox 360 is leading in sales in the Avatar Marketplace, recently taking eight of the top ten daily sales slots in the marketplace. Vancouver-based Disruptive Publishers worked with Warner Brothers to create a 20 piece Xbox 360 Avatar Collection and Xbox 360 Theme.

Users can don anything from a Hogwarts school uniform to a Death Eater costume and mask, or even become Dobby and wave around the Elder Wand.

“We worked with Warner Brothers to create a compelling collection of avatar content and gear that would resonate with the old and new Harry Potter fan,” said Otis Perrick of Disruptive Publishers. “The objective of the collection was to really tap into the emotional connection viewers have with the Harry Potter series by offering gamer fans items which allow them to personalize their Xbox 360 avatars.”

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