- 5 years ago


CDI College and Vancouver Career College plan to give iPads to new students in September.

That’s over 1,300 iPads, roughly $700,000 worth of Apple’s magical technology. The iPads will come preloaded with the schools’ eTextbooks, “beckoning a new era of light-weight and interactive learning tools.” This bold move is a first of its kind in Canada.

iPads are lighter and more engaging than textbooks, and—somewhat disturbingly—aren’t much more expensive. In fact, a student can easily spend two or three times the cost of an iPad in textbooks and related materials throughout their college education. And with virtually all post-secondary institutions offering free wifi to students, the tools they’re being equipped with for learning are more powerful than ever before.

The future of education? Undoubtedly.

EDIT: School corrected to Vancouver Career College.