The 5 Biggest Web Development Companies in Vancouver

Web development is a relatively new breed of business—after all, the web was only invented in the early 90s, and while the potential was clearly there, it wasn’t a mainstream hit straight away. But now, how could we imagine ourselves without it?

The businesses in this list certainly can’t. Using data compiled by Business in Vancouver, I assembled a list of the 5 biggest web-development companies based on their Vancouver office headcount. I identify whether the comapny has downsized from last year (–), maintained its headcount (=), or grown its staff (+), plus note the year it was founded. Clearly, web dev’s importance isn’t fading, as the entire list trends toward growth.

1. Blast Radius, founded in 1996, employs 175. (+)

2. Habanero Consulting, founded in 1996, employs 70. (+)

3. FCV, founded in 2005, employs 48. (+)

4. Graphically Speaking, founded in 1986, employs 45. (+)

5. CityMax, founded in 1999, employs 35. (=)

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