Back to School Tool Kit

It’s that time of year again – Back to School! Whether you’re heading back to high school, entering college for the first time or a returning student finishing up your degree, you need technology to set you up for success – and we can help you find it.

Students today need more than just a new laptop or smartphone, they need a complete tool kit of products that work together seamlessly to provide the best possible experience for the user. Here are a few of the key items all students need in their Back To School Tool Kit.

Laptops are an absolute must-have for students, especially when your school computers are likely to be old and slow. It will help you stay connected with your friends and family through Facebook, and will stay up late with you while you write your paper hours before the deadline. To protect your laptop you should have a full version of an antivirus, nothing is worse at school than having your laptop be out of commission due to a virus.

Your ally is a portable USB hard drive that can back up all of your assignments and notes, just in case your computer crashes. If you make a copy of your documents, photos, music, videos, or other pertinent data on here, then store it and update it once a week, you will have the peace of mind knowing there is a backup of your personal files.

Wireless routers will be the centre of your ecosystem, allowing your devices to work together in a safe environment. Some schools might provide you with either a wireless or wired Internet access, but a good quality router should be used to allow your personal devices to be connected together securely. It’s important that you have your router configured correctly with proper security to ensure that other residents don’t have the ability to connect to your system and have access to your information.

A wireless printer is your saving grace in school. It can save you a lot of stress when it comes to handing in assignments, especially if you forget to load money onto your printing card. A wireless printer will take up less room on your desk because it can be placed anywhere in your dorm that has a power outlet! You can roll out of bed the morning the assignment is due, print it off in your pajamas and then head to class. No line ups for the communal printer in the computer lab and no stress.

The last tool for your tech tool kit is Geek Squad’s special 9-Month Student Ask An Agent Subscription. When you need someone reliable to assist you they’re available 24/7 from one of Geek Squad’s Online Support Agents to assist you with all of your issues. In all cases, Geek Squad can help you get off on the right foot by ensuring that you are set up right. We can send someone out to the dorm to get the initial setup done for you, do it at a Best Buy store, or by connecting to Geek Squad Online Support.

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