Facebook becomes more like Twitter and Google+ with new Subscriptions feature

Facebook is adding a new key feature called Subscriptions, which is a one-way follow model remarkably similar to that of Twitter and Google+.

With Subscriptions, user will see buttons on peoples’ profiles. Clicking these lets you “subscribe” or follow that person, whose information will appear on your news feed. Thing is, they don’t need to be friends, or even friends of friends. They can be pretty much anyone. Each person can select what information is distributed to their “subscribers.”

This is somewhat similar to the Pages feature. The difference is that users can now share select information to any amount of susbcribed non-friends without having to maintain a Page separately. So will this kill pages? For some, yes, but not overall. Celebrities and major brands will still want to use Pages, which have multi-admin features and Insight analytics.

The move is rather unexpected, given how it mirrors the one-way concepts behind competitors like Twitter and Google+ (which Facebook has never really tried to mimic). Still, it’s a value-add for users so it makes sense.

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