DayforTwo helps you plan and share the perfect date

DayforTwo screenshotSo, you finally built up the courage to ask your crush out on a date. They said yes! The pressure is on. How do you plan the perfect night out? Toronto startup DayforTwo is a social date planning website and relationship guide that has the answers you need to impress your date.

DayforTwo lets users curate their perfect date online and then post those dates publicly for other people to use. You can also create an itinerary and send that URL to your date, so that they know what you have planned for the evening. The website aggregates dating spots, reviews and tips from all of its users. 

“When starting out, we planned to target existing couples. But we soon realized that our ideal demographic was new couples in the first three dates realm,” says Maurice Chang, co-founder at DayforTwo.

DayforTwo is free to use for the end user. The company plans to make money by partnering with online dating sites to be their “date planning wizard.” DayforTwo also wants to work with popular dating venues, like local restaurants, who may want to offer special promotions and discounts to users.

Headquartered at the The Work Republic, DayforTwo currently has roughly 3,000 monthly unique visitors and 600 active weekly users in Canada. The company recently implemented the Foursquare API onto the site, which opens it up to users worldwide.

Chang says that he and his co-founder, Jay Kapadia, have received a lot of help from the local startup community, “especially from the members of a local free and open meetup group called ‘LeanCoffeeTO.’ We meet twice a week at 8 a.m. to discuss topics regarding running a start-up in the web and tech spaces in Toronto, and how they relate to Lean Startup Methodologies.”

The website is currently hosting a contest to attract new users and date ideas. DayforTwo is giving away a limited edition copy of Toronto artist, Mike “Deadly” Del Mundo’s book: The Daily Commute. As an accomplished cover artist for Marvel Comics, Mike spent all of 2010 on his own daily commute, to and from work, drawing everyone and everything around him on the Toronto public transit system.

To enter the contest, go to the DayforTwo Date Planner, and plan a date that includes at least: 

  • one meal
  • one event or activity; and
  • one place to get drinks or dessert

Once you’re done planning, click your date’s “share” button, and share your date by either posting it on the DayForTwo Facebook Fanpage wall, or Tweeting it and mentioning @DayForTwo. For more details, visit the DayforTwo contest page

Good luck to all those who enter the contest or are going on your first date!

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