Should Custom App Developers be weary of Development App Platforms and a Growing Wireless Industry at Large?

There is a changing sentiment among technology enthusiasts and those who want custom mobile apps built that a do-it-yourself solution is becoming more of a viable option for return on investment from apps financially has been difficult to come by in most cases after pouring thousands of dollars in to have a custom app built. 

Plastic Mobile, at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show last week demoed Joomo, a free platform app developer solution for currently just the iPad and iPhone to compliment their custom app development business that has gained national recognition for their Pizza Pizza app that won a Webby award earlier this year. 

That goes in hand with two other app builder solutions on the marketplace- iBuildApp which now boasts that over 100,000 apps have been created since the negative review from CNET up from 10,000, and Magmito, an app development platform that Angelo Biasi, a professor at New York University on mobile marketing says is the only solution that he knows of that allows you to develop apps for all platforms.

Polar Mobile in recent months seems to be headed in the direction of large app contracts, having secured a deal to build five hundred apps for Metroland Media and thirty for The Hockey News

As do-it-yourself solutions continue to emerge in the mobile app development industry and for free, it’s a wonder if mobile app developers should shift their thinking towards other opportunities for mobile is so much more than just apps. 

A successful app development requires an incredibly useful and creative idea these days while perhaps breaking traditional revenue models other than in-app advertising, mobile display ads and mobile search ads. 

It didn’t seem like Blackberry was making it any easier for companies that build apps to make money from them in their opening presentation at CWTS- saying that despite having over 25,000 apps built, a 70/30 split was required with the developer, virtual goods were not allowed to be sold, and cross-app selling was said to be not allowed among many other restrictions imposed by a company that most would agree is a sinking ship that fails to innovate and now acquires successful innovative companies with their heaps of cash. While RIM has always promoted their incredible security as a benefit that might offset their woes, a widespread BBM outage on a day where they released less than dismal results of Q2 only added further insult to injury last week.

The charismatic CEO of Mobilicity Dave Dobbin, among industry veterans from LG and Ericsson all agreed during a seminar during last week’s trade show that M2M (machine-to-machine) technology and the connected device/things world to come in the billions if not trillions is the next great opportunity in telecom as has been so overstated.

While I’ll get into this deeper later as I’ve written two articles on M2M that you can check out here and here, and have been talking to M2M companies in both the United States and Canada in recent weeks. Knowlton Thomas’ article on a PROFIT 50 list suggests that there will be enough IT companies to support the growing demand for a connected world. The Canadian Wireless Trade Show’s exhibitor booths was also dominated by infrastructure companies from across North America. 

One thing is clear- there is so much the wireless industry could achieve in the coming years which not only will be a great opportunity for all those involved, but will be an incredibly disruptive force to more traditional industries and current revenue models. 

And no, the next great thing is not near-field communication- as Gartner analysts believe it’ll be years and years; despite all the great instant data personalization marketers could obtain. It was even said by Dobbin Thursday that Google Wallet isn’t even available in Canada yet and that we are behind. The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of ways in which mobile analytics can be examined, and I’ll also get into that later after understanding more from IBM in November. IBM has made several acquisitions of mobile analytics providers in recent months.

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