Foursquare reaches one billion checkins, updates app, releases video

Foursquare announced today via its blog that that last week, its app reached one billion checkins.

To celebrate, the startup put together a video:

Because we’re data nerds, we put together a video of what a week of check-ins looks like on foursquare. We think it’s pretty, but, more than that, there’s some really awesome data there. Watch it a couple of times to see the patterns as night settles over the globe, as venue categories ebb and flow on different continents, and as teeming cities wake up and fall asleep. It’s even more awesome in full-screen, in all its HD glory.

Foursquare has updated its app for the iPhone and Android as well. The app had just 100 million checkins last summer and 750 million this June, so its growth is accelerating. It has over 10 million users and, based on a $50-million round of funding this summer, is valued at roughly $600 million.

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