Online dating and politics are like oil and water, even though it’s a key component of compatibility

People would rather admit their fat than confess their political leanings, a new study reveals.

Out of 3,000 randomly sampled online dating site profiles, just 14% of users state their political interests. This made it one of the least used categories of all.

The study, titled “Do bedroom eyes wear political glasses?” also revealed that even among those who do list political leanings, well over half simply say they’re “middle of the road.”

People who were older and people with higher incomes, as well as men overall, were more likely to state their preferences.

All of this is strange because prior research suggests that parallel political preferences make potential couples more compatible than any other trait besides religion. But for some reason, would-be daters do not want to get this out of the way early, even though it appears necessary to hash out at some point.

Still, as the Globe and Mail pointed out, there are polticially inclined dating options: to, for two.

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