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RIM Clings to Seven Percent Smartphone Lead as 1.3 Million Canadians Scan QR Codes in June 2011

comScore announced last week at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show that smartphone penetration was at 36% in Canada by the end of June 2011, up from the 33% Techvibes last reported

RIM’s market share dropped to 38%, down four percent, with Apple holding steady at 31% and a surging Android increased by seven percentage points to 19%. Symbian still owns 6% of the market while Microsoft fell to 3%.  

The 56% growth for Google’s Android also saw HTC take 76% of the Android market.

Android is growing the most in Atlantic Canada and Quebec also saw a 37% jump in smartphone penetration, but the two regions still are far behind the national average at 30% and 27% penetration respectively.

As for carriers, the big three are dominating the smartphone market, with 36% choosing Rogers, 26% Telus and 21% Bell, amounting for 83% of the total market. 

While comSCORE recently reported that 14 million Americans scanned QR Codes in June 2011, Canadians scanned 1.3 million QR Codes in June 2011 with Ontario leading the way at 48% of all QR Codes scanned in this country according to comSCORE.

79% of those QR Codes directed the user to product information, while 63% of consumers scanned QR Codes to get product information. Other popular places Canadians could be found scanning QR Codes were posters, websites, product packaging, business cards, storefonts and off their televisions! 

30% of Canadians still want to use their smartphones though for voice, 26% for just SMS and not mobile media, while 44% wanted to use them for mobile media. It was said that application growth is still increasing. 

As connected devices are an area of interest- Apple had more with 33% to RIM’s 26%. 

When it comes to mobile banking, 50% of Canadians still accessed their accounts via brower, 45% by app, and 17% by SMS, while 22% accessed everyday. Generally, by about double, Canadians accessed banking information using Apple smartphones.

30% percent of smartphone users recalled seeing ads, with users remembering ads the most on the iPhone 4- suggesting that perhaps advertising is most effective on Apple products.

Canadians were also found to be the third most social mobile country in the world, at 28% of the population, just behind 30% in the United States and 33% in the United Kingdom. That comes with a 23% social mobile penetration rate for Facebook, while just 16% use instant messaging via app.

Touchscreen phones also continue to gain traction over their keyboard competitor, jumping from 44% to 52% month-over-month for new phones purchased in the last month from May 2011 to June 2011.

Will RIM lose their smartphone crown in Canada by the end of the year, or at the end of Q3?