Adobe Says Release of Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 will support Apple Products and HTML5

Despite all the controversy about whether Adobe Flash would be included in Apple products in the past year, Adobe exeeded analyst expectations in the most recent quarter according to Bloomberg News, and even say in their latest announcement that the next generation of Flash via AIR will include the iPhone and iPad. 

Today, Adobe announced that Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 software that will allow developers to instantly deliver console-quality 2D and 3D games over the Internet to nearly all PCs and other devices that enable 1,000 times faster rendering performance over Flash Player 10 and AIR 2. 

Available in early October, Adobe is calling this a milestone release; one that comes on the heels of massive multiplayer social network gaming in recent years like Zynga and Farmville on Facebook and Google+.

The CTO of Zynga, Cadir Lee says: “Zynga’s mission is to connect the world through games by bringing play to everyone, everywhere. In order to do that, we’re committed to building mainstream entertainment across all devices, platforms and applications, whether it’s through Flash or HTML5”. 

Adobe addresses previous concerns, allowing for a cross-device entertainment platform where users will not have to download and update AIR seperately on a number of platforms, sophisticated data-driven platforms with back-end systems integration across devices, and includes native code libraries which allow for developers to choose the right mix of Flash, HTML5 and native code to provide powerful user experiences. 

The product releases allow for the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms including Android, Apple iOS (via AIR), Blackberry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms. Some of those interesting experiences include vibration control, magnetometers, light sensors, dual screens, NFC and more.

Game designer and director Jakub Dvorsky of Amanita Design says: “The opportuntiies for casual gaming on desktops, tablets and other mobile devices are endless and without Flash we wouldn’t have been able to create such beautiful, rich and interactive animations. It’s absolutely critical for us to reach the widest possible audience without having to start the development work from scratch for each platform. With Flash, we were able to revamp Machinarium in a matter of weeks and bring it from the Web to the iPad as an app in less than two months with other platforms like Android and Blackberry following soon”. 

Adobe says that 98% of Internet connected PCs today are Flash supported today and that the number of devices that will support Adobe AIR by 2015 is expected to exceed 1 billion. 

Has Adobe quieted their doubters and ended any controversy that they would be a smaller part of the next web? 

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