Ideavibes helps City of Ottawa reach out to citizens through its Crowd Engagement Platform

The City of Ottawa released results last week from their “Have a Say” campaign which was made possible through a partnership with Ottawa-based startup Ideavibes (not associated with Techvibes) and the use of their Crowd Engagement Platform.

Ideavibes has developed a citizen engagement tool that helps organizations launch crowdsourcing or crowdfunding campaigns to faciliate engagement and tap into the wisdom and power of the crowd. The platform is currently being used in citizen engagement applications in cities in Canada, Mexico, and applications for global brands.

“We started working with the City of Ottawa soon after we released the commercial version of our platform in English and French, and launched the crowdfunding site, Fundchange (, with partner TELUS®”, according to Paul Dombowsky, Ideavibes CEO. “Initially, the City of Ottawa was looking at doing a survey as the mechanism for feedback but we were able to show them how crowdsourcing and our platform would give them so much more depth for this citizen engagement initiative.”

Hoping for participation of around 1,000 total ideas, comments and votes, the level of participation for the campaign ended at over 6,000.

“The contributions of our residents are an important part of planning for Ottawa’s future,” said Councillor McRae. “The input received through “Have a Say!” will be shared with everyone involved and considered for inclusion in the Choosing our Future Sustainability and Resiliency Plan which will be available for public comment in the Fall.

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