Toronto startup Rypple launches its social performance platform on the iPhone

Rypple, a web-based social performance management platform, has launched a social mobile app for managing performance at work. Rypple’s iPhone app allows managers and employees to recognize  work, provide feedback, and stay connected on the go.

“Enterprises are embracing iPhones, iPads, and other consumer mobile technologies,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, VP, Product Management for Rypple. “Rypple is among the first companies to introduce a mobile business productivity tool for the enterprise.”

Users can check Rypple’s social feed for the latest company news while waiting at the airport; update teams in real time on the status of a pending code freeze; or post a public “Thanks” to the colleague who just helped win a major account.

“Saying thank you has become a difficult thing for many people,” said Thor Muller, co-founder of Get Satisfaction. “Rypple helps remind us that great work should be appreciated. Now I can let my team know in real time how I feel about them. I don’t have to wait until I’m at my desktop.”

Rypple for iPhone unlocks the power of recognition, coaching, and social performance management through real-time communication between managers and their teams.

The Rypple iPhone app can and is available in three versions: freemium, Premium (which costs $5-per-user-per-month) and Phenomenal, (which costs just $9 per-user-per-month).

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