- 5 years ago


f8, Facebook’s developer conference, just ended in San Francisco. The social network ushered in “a new era” by bringing “a whole new Facebook experience for users and developers.”

Today, Mark Zuckerberg and his team announced that Facebook will be “sleeker, more innovative, and people will have even more control over what they do.”

Some of the announcements included:

  • Timeline (not available today, this will be a slow rollout over the next few weeks) – Profile will have a sleek, new design to redefine how you tell your story by offering a more organized and clearer view of your profile. Timeline gives you the opportunity to express yourself in new ways, discover and add new music, movies and apps from your friends. You will also be able to see a complete view of your life on Facebook and have even more control over what and how things appear on your Timeline so it is possible to express who you really are.


  • Activity Log – The Activity Log is a list of all the things you have ever done or posted on Facebook. This log is only visible to you so you have control to curate the information that has been shared over time. You can change the privacy settings, delete stories/photos or make a story from the past more prominent in your Timeline.


  • Open Graph applications – The Open Graph is in its beta phase right now and gives developers the chance to enable any action to be part of a user’s Facebook experience, if they’ve chosen to add the app to their Timeline. This will let developers make applications for what people are already doing on their social website and drive even more traffic from Facebook. Today, we proudly announced over 50 partners that will launch some of the most awesome apps ever seen on Facebook, including Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, Yahoo, Zynga, EA and even more!

To check out images of the new Facebook go here.