Best Buy and Future Shop now selling RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook for $299

Last night I reported that Walmart Canada is selling the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for a full half-off at just $249. Confirmations haven’t been consistent but multiple people are getting the PlayBook for this price at certain Walmarts, it seems.

Meanwhile, however, a much more universal price drop is in effect over at Best Buy and Future Shop.

A hard price drop of $100 plus a $100 incentive for buying online brings the price of RIM’s 16GB tablet down to just $299. Interestingly, both stores advertised the PlayBook on the front page of their website and subsequently are now sold out online. The 32GB and 64GB versions appear still available at discounts.

RIM is following closely in footsteps of HP, it appears. How long will the PlayBook last?

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