- 5 years ago


Business Insider this week released its “2011 Digital 100: The World’s Most Valuable Startups.”

Unsurprisingly, the number one spot is held by social network Facebook, although calling it a startup at this age and with billions in revenue seems ridiculous. Its estimated value is $80 billion, which many would agrue (including myself) to be grossly high.

Rounding out the top 5 are Zynga, Groupon, Twitter, and Dropbox. These four companies combined clock im at a value of $34, less than half of Facebook’s.

The only Canadian-born company I could find is Vancouver’s PlentyofFish, the online dating company founded by Markus Frind in 2003. POF ranks number 90. If you see any others in there, let me know.

Image: Canada.com