Basis Science (formerly Pulsetracer) reveals design and features of health watch

Last March Techvibes reported that Vancouver-born Pulsetracer has raised a $9 million Series A round from Norwest Venture Partners and DCM.

Six year-old Pulsetracer has been renamed Basis Science and in anticipation of its showcase at Health 2.0, the startup revealed last week the design and features of its B1 Basis Band that will launch in the market later this year.

While there are a number of health-tracking devices on the market today, TechCrunch’s Rip Empson thinks the Basis Band is poised to be a disruptive product in the health space.


Priced at $199, the Band is on the expensive side but not unreasonable considering the heart and health tracker boasts multiple sensors that measure heart rate continuously, along with calories burned, sleep patterns, and other physiological metrics. What’s more, the device boasts an LCD touchscreen interface that allows for easy navigation and displays the date and time — potentially making it a pretty great replacement for your measly old wrist watch.

In May Basis announced that Jef Holove would be taking over for founder Nadeem Kassam as CEO. Holove was previously CEO at wireless photo card maker Eye-Fi.

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