How to make your tech event a success

Promoting tech events is a big part of Techvibes’ mandate and we do our best to tell our readers about what is happening in their local community.

Unfortunately not all event organizers understand just what we can do to help out.

Here are a couple tips on how to take advantage of Techvibes when organizing a tech event:

  • Add it to the Techvibes Events Calendar. Our site is the go-to place for local events in your community, so add it now. If we like it, we may add it to our Tech Events of the Week feature.
  • Reach out to Techvibes and let us know that you’re organizing an event and why we should be helping you promote it. If you’re organizing a paid event, set up a discount for our readers. We can’t resist writing about events that make us look good.
  • Contact relevant local media outlets and bloggers and offer them a press pass to attend. While the old-school newspaper, television, and radio reporters may pass, you’ll find bloggers and online outlets eager to cover your event.

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