Twitter: ‘We Are Not a Social Network’

Michael Abbot, the vice president of engineering at Twitter, spoke at the Mobilize Conference in San Francisco today.

Michael discussed Twitter and mobile, such as how the startup platform is adapting to evolving technologies, namely smartpones and tablets. Twitter is not underestimating the mobile revolution, he said, noting that 45% of tweets now come from mobile devices.

The VP also stated that Twitter is “not a social network,” but rather “an information network.” This has been said before—a year ago, actually—although it fell largely on deaf ears. Still, when you talk about the major social networks—Facebook, LinkedIn, perhaps Google+—you’re obviously still going to include Twitter. After all, while its information streaming is infinite, the social elements of the microblogging platform cannot be denied.

Twitter is excited for Apple’s October 4th media event, in which the iPhone and iOS 5 will be announced. This is because Twitter has forged a strategic partnership with Apple and its information network will be thoroughly integrated with the new mobile platform, a deal Facebook wish it had.

Interviewed by GigaOM’s Om Malik, Michael said that Twitter is ignoring all of Facebook’s wacky changes, maintaing its focus on the simplified experience it’s provided since inception.

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