Team of students bring TEDx to University of Waterloo for first time ever

For the first time at the University of Waterloo, a student team is bringing the world-renowned TEDx conference series to campus. The TEDxUW experience hosted at Hagey Hall is designed to positively influence thousands of emerging leaders.

Only 100 spots will be available to attend the live event, and anyone interested must apply for tickets. Applications will close in early October. Audience applications are designed to help get the most interesting and passionate people to attend.

“We want the audience to be just as passionate about the power of ideas to create real and meaningful change as the speakers we’re putting on stage,” says organizer Prashanth Gopalan. “We embarked on a journey to bring the TEDxUW experience to campus because we knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime for uWaterloo students to engage with some of the top minds our community has produced. This is about showcasing some of the best ideas that have come out of our university, and we thought the best way to do that would be through a global phenomenon that’s spreading across the globe in way that’s never really been seen before.”

Among the speakers will be  local entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil, physicist Krister Shalm from the Institute of Quantum Computing, economics professor Larry Smith, and the founder and CEO of Desire2Learn, John Baker.

Supporters of TEDxUW include the Office of the President at University of Waterloo, the Federation of Students, the Student Success Office, the Waterloo Engineering Endowment Fund, and the Math Endowment Fund.

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