Canadian Television Show Will Bring Creeping to a New Level

The Internet Era has spawned an age of “creeping,” in which web surfers have acquired a taste for delving their curious mines into the lives of others through the wonders of online communities. As most creepers are aware, the people they creep—e-stalk, if you will—create personas online that do not always reflect their true identity. Cooler, richer, or more handsome they they actually are. What a great idea for a television show.

Enter MTV Creeps. Premiering tomorrow, Creeps is based around a group of hand-picked Canadians notorious for over-sharing on their social networks that will be brought into the limelight to defend their online behaviours. Three judges—AKA creeps—will dissect profiles, pictures, tweets and statuses. Those on trial must bare all for national television, learning the hard lesson that nothing you put online is temporary, anonymous, or isolated to only select eyes.

One judge noted that most contestants promise to change after the experience of being on MTV Creeps—but that they very quickly returned to their old habits. Some people are just born to be others’ news feed fodder.

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