Toronto’s Mobovivo Collabs with Muse Entertainment to Distribute Award-winning TV Series on iOS

Toronto’s Mobovivo announced today that, alongside Muse Entertainment, it has released the award-winning The Kennedys mini-series as an app for the iPad and iPhone. The Kennedys app includes Previiw, which clips and shares the viewer’s favourite scenes on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, letting fans create a community conversation around TV shows and movies.

“Muse Entertainment understands that engaging fans of their TV programming is key to having people spend more time with their content,” says Mobovivo founder and CEO, Trevor Doerksen. “The direct relationship and feedback that the producers of The Kennedys receive from this app goes beyond any other marketing or distribution strategy. [And] without Mobovivo’s analytics, producers don’t know if consumers are actually watching … we measure every touch in real time.”

The Kennedys app is developed Mobovivo’s StayTuned video app platform. StayTuned apps allow producers to stay tuned to consumers and consumers to tune in to their content. The app will include Previiw, Miscreens and analytics features from StayTuned. Previiw, Miscreens allows users to add videos to their digital locker and watch via 3g, wifi, AirPlay, or securely download to view without an Internet connection.

The Kennedys was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards and won four and it was nominated for 10 Gemini Awards. The eight-hour drama tells the intimate story of the illustrious Kennedy family and brings to life a prolific piece of American history.

“Our saga of the Kennedy family has riveted audiences around the world,” says Michael Prupas, the CEO of Muse Entertainment. “We are delighted that Mobovivo is making it available to the fast developing app audience.”

Mobovivo is a software company that enables producers, broadcasters and media companies to distribute and market branded video apps for a range of devices. Muse Entertainment is a film and television production company founded in 1998.

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